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Connected Books

Are your books part of a series? Do I need to read them in any specific order?

Readers inquire all the time about the connections in my novels. Currently, there are two specific series – The Ellinghams and The McKennas. Beyond that, the rest of my titles are stand alone stories. Therefore, it isn’t necessary to read one book to understand the plot/characters of another, nor is it necessary to read the books in any particular order.

However, there are cross-over characters in many of my Regency and Scottish novels. Some make brief appearances in several books; others are secondary characters in one novel and then a main character in another.

For those readers who are interested, listed below is a brief explanation of the various connections in the books:

adrienne basso's To Wed A Viscount

Faith & Griffin's Story

adrienne basso's To Protect an Heiress

Meredith & Trevor's Story
(Meredith is Faith's best friend)

adrienne basso's To Tempt a Rogue

Harriet & Nathaniel's Story
(Harriet is Griffin's sister)

adrienne basso's The Wedding Deception

Claire & Jasper's Story
(Jasper is Meredith's brother;
Jasper and Jason are twins)

adrienne basso's How to Enjoy a Scandal

The Ellinghams Series Bk 1
Gwendolyn & Jason’s Story
(Jason is Meredith’s brother;
Jason and Jasper are twins)

adrienne basso's How to Seduce a Sinner

The Ellinghams Series Bk 2
Dorothea & Carter’s Story
(Dorothea is Gwendolyn’s sister)

adrienne basso's A Little Bit Sinful

The Ellinghams Series Bk 3
Eleanor & Sebastian’s Story
(Sebastian is Carter’s closest friend)

adrienne basso's Everybit a Rogue

The Ellinghams Series Bk 4
Emma & Jon’s Story
(Emma is Gwendolyn and Dorothea’s sister)


adrienne basso's How to Be a Scottish Mistress

Fiona & Gavin's story

adrienne basso's Bride of a Scottish Warrior

Grace & Ewan's story
(Ewan is Gavin's bastard half-brother)


adrienne basso's The Highlander Who Loved Me

The McKennas Bk 1
Davina & James’s Story
(James is Grace’s nephew)

adrienne basso's No Other Highlander

The McKennas Bk 2
Joan & Malcolm’s Story
(Malcolm is James’s brother)

adrienne basso's The Bride Chooses a Highlander

The McKennas Bk 3
Katherine & Lachlan’s Story
(Katherine is Malcolm and James’s sister)


adrienne basso's Intimate Betrayal

adrienne basso's notorious deception


Intimate Betrayal is Alyssa & Morgan's story. Morgan's brother, Tristan, is a secondary character in that novel. He also plays a prominent, secondary role in Notorious Deception, which is Diana & Derek's story.